Leather Machineries Division

> Stocking skins

The line is made up of 3 belts, ideal for using before vacuum dry procedure or frame:

  • the first belt loads the skins processed by the press, made by the stacker
  • the second belt is mobile for positioning skins of varying dimensions as near as possible to the operators who process on the vacuum dry unit or frame, making them easier to handle
  • the third belt, mounted on the lifter, is controlled by a push button panel to regulate the height and facilitate handling the skins by the operators posted on the  vacuum dry unit or frame

Belt capacity 4000kg/40000N.

Example of the advantages achieved by using this line: locating it before the frame or vacuum dry unit allows the press to produce 40% more product than the quantities required by the frame or vacuum dry unit, providing a surplus of skins. Thus, the machine can remain idle for one operating shift (of 8 hours) every three shifts of the frame.

In addition, automatic transport of the skins across the three belts avoids the need for a fork lift to transport the skins between the press and the frame or vacuum dry unit.

The push button panel located on the frame allows the operator to choose the best height for handling the skins at any given time.

> Hide
stacker model XBL-XBC

Technical features:

  • hides sta§king onto pallets with grain upward, downward or grain to grain
  • stacker path, lift and drop are set automatically or by a push button panel to be found on the electric board
  • counting of stacked hides
  • bearing structure consisting of very solid tubes, cold galvanised with expoxy painting
  • stainless steel electric board
  • control board equipped with PLC programmable logic micro-processor. Keyboard for operator-machine conversational mode and inverter to set operating speed

Available sizes: 1.600 - 2.000 - 2.200 - 2.400 - 2.700 - 3.000 - 3.200 - 3.400.

> Selection conveyors

It is possible to installed system for measuring the area and the tickness of the leathers.

> Tanks

Tank for immersing the skins, with motorized loading platform for raising the bench, complete with electrical switchboard and push button panel.
By immersing the skins using the automatic system, the loading platform always remains at the height of the operator.
With this system, the skins are also cleaned of any residue.

There are also 2" hose fittings for inlet of water, and 3" hose fittings with a butterfly valve for draining the water.

Optional items include:

  • the grating above the loading platform for immersing the skins without using the platform (for loading with a spider)
  • mounting the tank on a mobile track system to facilitate repositioning and loading where limited space is an issue

Any other specific requests (special dimensions and characteristics) made by the customer will be reviewed by our engineering offices.